Deck Options field: default file when importing


here’s a suggestion I’ve been thinking about for years, don’t know why I didn’t make it earlier. I guess the clean Options dialog in 2.1.50 make it more appealing.

Some of us edit our decks in text files that we repeatedly import to update existing cards and add new ones. That feature is wonderful.

On a typical day I import to update two to four decks. Every time I switch to importing to a different deck, I have to navigate to the file to import for that deck.

It would be a great time saver if in Deck Options there were a field where one can specify the default file to import for decks using these options (typically I have one option group per deck), or at least a field specifying the default directory when importing to those decks.

Not only would it be a time saver, it would be a great safety measure as it would reduce the risk of importing from the wrong text file.

Big thanks in advance for considering this.

Feels a bit niche to me I’m afraid. One thing that might make your life easier is that you can now drag files onto the deck list to import them.

Thank you for replying, Damian.
Ha, it surprises me how few people import text files to edit their decks — it would be interesting to know but of course it’s impossible to survey the user base.

Thank you for the suggestion, but dragging and dropping still means navigating to the place from which one is dragging, so I guess I’ll keep doing it the old way (pasting the file path).

Wishing you a fun weekend

You are not alone.

Some are creating their content managers outside of Anki for better control.

Use AnkiConnect.

Thank you for your input @cjdduarte
I’m not understanding how AnkiConnect helps with the use case presented in my original post. What am I missing?

Using Ankiconnect, you can define in your data source which deck the card is in.

And Ankiconnect automatically inserts

Thank you. Interesting and valuable but not my use case.
Using text files with custom syntax highlighting for Anki fields.

my example.
A csv file with 3 fields

1 - Front
2 - Back
3 - Deck