Problem with AnkiApp importer

Hi, before all, thank you for the add-on
It’s great
Nevertheless, I found a little problem with the access to the AnkiApp files
Here is the access on macOS 12.4 : ~/Library/Containers/com.ankiapp.client/Data/Documents/ankiapp

More than that, at the end of the import, I found that front and back were inverted
May you fix the problem please ?

Thank you in advance

Thank you for the report!

Do you mean your AnkiApp data are stored here instead of the usual ~/Library/Application Support/? I guess the latter is the default data folder; ~/Library/Containers apparently contains data for sandboxed apps. I guess you have AnkiApp installed as a sandboxed app for some reason. I don’t know what options macOS provides to choose how to install apps, so I can’t help here. But since the add-on doesn’t detect the AnkiApp data folder for you (for now) and only shows a file picker that allows you to choose the database file, I guess you can just choose the database file under this folder in ~/Library/Containers? If you’re facing issues with this, please let me know.

Can you perhaps upload your collection (or a sample of affected cards) to a site like and send me a link?

One more question, I guess you you installed AnkiApp from this site, right?


The path differences are likely a standalone-install vs a download from the Mac App Store.