Can't Import Deck that was exported by 2.1.65

I exported a deck to a .apkg file using Anki 2.1.65, and I didn’t check the box to make it compatible with older versions of Anki. To my surprise, when I tried to reimport it with the same version of Anki (2.1.65), I get this error message:

Unable to read file. It probably requires a newer version of Anki to import.

Is there any way to recover the cards that I exported?

That’s unexpected. Are you able to upload the file somewhere and share a link? If it’s private, you can send me the link on

Here is the apkg in question: Shelf__OBGYN.apkg - Google Drive

I can import the deck in 2.1.66.

Hmm, I was also able to import it after disabling my add-ons. I guess one of them was causing the issue. Thanks for looking into it!

This might be the Special Fields add-on. It disables the new import handling.

Sorry, I had meant to reply to this, but lost track. Abdo’s right, but for the benefit of anyone who hits this in the future, another possible cause is that the legacy import/export handling is enabled in the preferences screen.

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