Change Existing Interval on Individual Card

I saw a closed but unresolved topic here about this. Is this not possible? I accidentally hit the wrong answer while reviewing in ankiweb (no undo button) and want to undo this last answer or reset the interval to what it used to be. Any work around for this?

dae Aug 2023

Set Due Date changes the next due date. After that, the cards will be presented for review as they normally would based on their current interval.

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Yes, you can change the interval – but do you need to? Changing the interval and/or due date for the next review doesn’t change the grade entered in the review history, which if/when you’re using FSRS, has its own implications.

Was it set too far out, or too soon?

If it was too soon or just a little bit too far – I would just leave it alone.

If it was too far – and it’s very, very much too far – okay, it might be worth changing. You still use Set Due Date for that – just add ! to change the interval to match the new due date (e.g. 20! = due in 20 days with a 20-day interval). Browsing - Anki Manual

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Thanks for the info!

Yes, it was waay too far out. I had a shared deck where I knew a large quantity of the cards, so I had my easy interval set to the max (3.3months) so I could go back after reviewing and have an easy way to sort them out so I could suspend them after getting back to my computer. Its a tangential topic, but if curious, I did this because there is no suspend option in ankiweb and I needed to use ankiweb over ankidroid as the older scheduling had messed up my decks quite badly and using the newer scheduling on Ankidroid came with a giant warning that you should only use that setting on “collections you don’t care about” :smiley: … So I stopped using Ankidroid, but it looks like everything has been updated recently to enable FSRS, so I’ll give it another go in the coming weeks.

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