Set due date cannot affect interval?


I noticed that the introduction of “Set due date” function there is no option to affect the cards’ interval as well. It would be nice to have both options to retain or not the interval.

Thank you for the continuous improvement of Anki.


Please see this video at ~ 12 minutes.

Hi, I think you meant to link to a video.

As shown in the message when the dialog pops up, including ‘!’ will also reset the interval


Thank you. I see the issue was just English semantics. By reset I assumed set back to default setting. I will take this into account when translating this string UI as I would have used a wrong term for it.


I think the wording “reset review interval” is confusing and should be changed to sth like “adjust review interval”. Optimally, include a link to the relevant section in the manual, where it’s explained clearly.

As @guillempalausalva, I thought it would set the interval back to default (i.e., to 0). English is not a native language of mine but I’d say I am very proficient (C1/C2).

Contributing to my confusion was that the options’ syntax is opposite to that of ReMemorize, which I used previously. In ReMemorize, 7 schedules 7 days into the future and changes the interval, whereas -7 doesn’t change the interval, effectively burying the card for 7 days.

In any case, I am happy that the 2.1.49 update didn’t scrap any functionality of ReMemorize (except for ReMemorize Buttons) as I initially thought.

I will tweak the wording to make it clearer.

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