Change Intervals per Specific Cards


How do I change the repeat interval for specific cards? I am review some old vocabulary that I once knew and the intervals are too long.


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You can move those cards to anither deck (and use specific options for that deck)

You can also use the Set Due Date comand for those specific cards.

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Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I’d rather not make more decks. For the Set Due Date, it says “… reviews will be rescheduled without changing their current interval, unless ‘!’ is included at the end of the range…” When I go there, it asks Show card in how many days? 0 = today 1! = tomorrow 3-7 = random choice of 3-7 days. How do I specify something like 1 day, 3 days 1 week 1 month or something like that?

Set Due Date changes the next due date. After that, the cards will be presented for review as they normally would based on their current interval.

I wonder if the Review Ahead option in Custom Study would help. Recently I wanted to review all of my cards, so I went to Custom Study and chose Review Ahead. In the pop-up window I put 186 days. I was able to review all of my cards. Many cards came up twice, but eventually every card came up for review. I’m new to Anki and don’t have a lot of cards, so it worked for me without having to create another deck with fewer cards.

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