Change ease so interval increases drastically — manually

I would like to increase the ease of some cards.
the reason is I have multiple fingers on the keyboard when going through the cards and sometimes, although rarely, press the wrong answer and screw up my ease

if I press 3,4 on something I’ve forgotten it’s ease to fix, I reschedule the card to today and press 1 next time I see it,

but I would also like to send a card into the far future without it’s ease staying low after falling by like 50.

I can see in the card info what the ease was before, so I could just reset it and then press what I had intended to press no?

But unfortunately I didn’t find a way to change that number. I use straight reward already but it’s calibrated so it still keeps the cards under what it would have been, if there was no forgetting at all.

Thanks for any ideas to remedy at this issue. Cheers

You could use the undo function (Revert the most recently performed operation), shortcut is Crtl + Z

Here are some add-ons that change the ease
Set Card Ease - AnkiWeb
RefoldEase - AnkiWeb
Manually Set Ease Factor - AnkiWeb


ah thank you, that’s exactly what I had in mind

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