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Feature request: Let us change the ease modifier settings

Currently Anki modifies the ease of a card when you answer again (-20), hard (-15), or easy (+15). I’d like to be able to modify these values. Specifically, I’d like answering good to add +5 as a way to regain ease lost from lapsed cards. Unfortunately add-ons wouldn’t easily be able to change the reviews on AnkiMobile or I would simply go that route.


More control may come in the future, but I’m not sure this is the best approach - you may be better off allowing the material to become a leech, then reformatting it and resetting it if you must continue studying it.

I certainly do that now and and think that works fine for “knowledge” type cards, but I’d like to do this for my vocab cards. Anyway, without wanting to start a discussion on the pros and cons of either approach I think the option would be appreciated by some people.

Hi. I would just like to say that I would greatly appreciate it if the suggested feature of having the option to change the ease modifier settings was added. Like the person who suggested it replied, it would also be beneficial for me for when I study vocabulary. In the meantime I am using some add-ons in combination called “low-key anki”. The add-ons reset the ease and disable the ease modifier which is what I want it to do. Why I would still very much like to have the option to change the ease modifier settings is because the add-ons that I use to solve this do not work on ankiDroid. It would also allow people to experiment and give feedback on what the best ease modifier would be for certain types of decks.
I hope this will be implemented in the future, but nonetheless anki has been very valuable to me. Keep up the good work!