Ease will change from %131 to %250 on it's own

I have a problem witch is I think is a bug, let me explain. First of all, this is my setting for Anki.

as you can see I set my settings like the refold community. with this setting my ease always start with 131 and never goes below 130% and not above 131%, that’s hows it should be according to the setting. but now I have a problem, my card’s starting with ease 250% and change to 131% then when it graduating it will chnage back to 250% which is something weird cause of my setting is should not happn.
this is an example of my card, and most of them are messed up like this.


as you can see the ease change strangely, and I never use the hard or easy bottom, that way I am always able to be on ease 131 and 130.


I tried to fix it by forgetting all the cards, then removing all the card history with an addon, even deleted the saved setting and created a new one because I thought maybe that settings bugged. but It didn’t fix the problem.
then even I tried this addon called [Refold Ease] which is will change any card ease to what number you want, I change the 250% back to 131% with the addons to see if it will fix it. I know you are gonna say update you Anki, it did not fix the problem, for which add-ons I’m using maybe one of them causing the bug, but my sister using the same setting with the same addons that I have she doesn’t have any problems at all, the setting and the add-ons are identical.
so, guys what should I do next, the hard part is that for able to see the result I have to wait days to see if the bug still happens because you know it takes a card some days to graduate so please can you help me or explain what is happening to me I’m really appreciating any help here.

Can you reproduce it in the latest Anki version with no add-ons enabled?

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of course, I’m gonn try that, but for now, I have to test between the mobile version and the pc version to see if that pc causing the problem, after that I’m gonna try disabling all the addons and then upgrading to the latest V, but is there any way to skip a day in anki to get the reviews faster because I have to wait for days to just see the result?

Aside from changing your clock after starting Anki, no, and I would not recommend doing that (especially not before making a backup).