Force-sync triggers 2.1.34 "ease fixup" behaviour

2.1.34 had a fix for [regression] default starting ease factor for new profiles is 130%, but it turns out that the applied fix (for every deck with a default starting ease of 130%, reset it to 250% and reset any cards with ease below 200% to 250%) gets applied each time you do a force-sync with AnkiWeb.

It turns out that some folks recommend deck setups where you have 130% initial ease but an interval modifier of 192% in order to effectively disable the effect of ease factors (the idea being that it avoids ease hell). However if you ever have to do a force-sync, later versions of Anki will reset your options and cards.

I guess this happens because a force-sync does some sort of schema dowgrade then upgrade internally?

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The plan is to update AnkiWeb in the not too distant future to only downgrade when an older client syncs with it, but this will remain an issue when exporting for a while.Users already need to change to 131% on upgrade, so I guess the best we could do for now is increase the minimum allowed value in the GUI.