HELP - The ease ratio goes crazy!

Hi ! I’m not english so I’ll try to do my best.

I have some problems with the “ease ratio” for several days which I didn’t have before.
Recently, when a card ends up the learning phase, the “ease ratio” instantly goes to 130% after respecting correctly the learning phase, like this :

But that’s not what’s written in my settings… I should start at 180% right ?



I can’t use my application anymore, any help would be appreciated !

Thanks !

Yes, once the card is graduated, the ease should be 180.

Are you using any add-ons?

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Yes, I’m actually using a lot of addons.

To be honest, I just thought about it too, so I used a card which just got out of the learning phase, which is perfect to test things (by ctrl-z every time after seeing the effect on the info page)

So I disabled every addon, restarted Anki, and clicked “correct”, and the ease got to 180%. I was like “ok, that was an addon”.
So I reactivated all the addons, did the same thing, and the ease got to 180% once again, now I just don’t know what’s happening…

Got an idea ? :confused:

By the way, thanks for taking time to answer !

It looks like one of your add-ons (most likely one related to ease factor management, like auto ease factor or similar) is not working properly, or is configured incorrectly. Did you install or update any add-ons just before the problem started?

In any case, I would start by disabling such addons to see if the problem persists. .


I don’t think I installed such an add-on, but it correspond so much to the problem that I must certainly be wrong…

The add-on related to ease factor management that I’m using is Straight reward, maybe it’s the problem.

Anyway, I’ll do as you advise, I think it is the best thing to do for the moment.
Thank you for your time !

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