[FIXED] Re-learning a card adds 20% ease automatically, even with Straight Reward add-on disabled

I mainly came across this because I noticed that Straight Reward add-on was not adding ease whenever I got cards correct. Whenever I relearn a card, it instantly adds 20% ease as you can see in the picture below. This also happens when the Straight Reward add-on is disabled, so I’m not exactly sure how this is happening in the default behavior for Anki.

Is this because I rescheduled cards that were overdue?

This also happens to cards that were not rescheduled and simply forgotten too as seen in the image below.

EDIT: For some reason, as soon as I disabled “Show total review count in main menu,” both Straight Reward add-on is now working again and the ease has stopped increasing by 20% automatically, as shown below. I’ll leave this post up in case someone else has this problem. This was extremely frustrating because I wouldn’t expect that add-on to cause so many problems!


You can post this in the support thread for Straight Rewards, since it seems to be a bug in that add-on. Straight Reward [Official support] - #11 by hengiesel