Undo last review of a card

From time to time, I mistype “1” during review. I only notice this after the card resurfaces after several minutes. I can then Ctrl-Z all the way back to that mistyped review and redo everything or have to “relearn” the card that actually is probably very easy. (Using the numpad, it’s often easy “4” that gets mistyped as “1”).

Is there already a native way to handle this more gracefully; to undo last review of a certain card?

Or is the answer just to let it slide: after all, hitting “easy” on that card every time it pops up from now on only takes a second. I think this is probably the answer, but… it’s unpleasant ;D

(I already use Color Confirmation addon and I do recommend it, but somehow I still seem to miss these…)

I don’t know if there’s an add on designed to do what you want, but I personally wouldn’t worry too much. Reviewing a card a few extra times won’t hurt too much, and as you say, hitting “Easy” two or three times (if you feel the card is actually easy for you for you) should solve the “problem”.


There doesn’t seem to be an add-on like that.

But I think the solution along with the well-grounded “don’t worry” might be an add-on to remap “Again” somewhere where it isn’t “too” accessible.

For example this seems quite nice, although I haven’t yet tested it.