Undoing in review mode doesn't allow redo

I undid an update note accidentally by pressing U in review mode, but I did not get the option to redo update note.

The usual “undo” shortcut is Ctrl-Z. This is the convention not just in Anki but in other Windows software. The alternative “undo” shortcut using U was only added in version 2.1.63, as I learned today.

So, anyways, the “redo” shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-Z.

(Some other Windows software uses Ctrl-Y, but that does not seem to work with Anki.)

It’s weird, since the redo didn’t do anything after undoing, and using that keybind. But that was only 1 event and I’m not sure if anything actually changed when I did undo, so it’s just a heads up.

If you can reproduce the problem with all add-ons disabled, please let us know the steps we should take.

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