Undo shortcut not working in reviewer

I have used the customize keyboard shortcuts add on for a while, especially helpful for programming an Anki remote. I updated to 2.1.65 and noticed that the undo action no longer worked in the reviewer. Lots of people use the ctrl/command + z to undo, I personally just coded it as “u” for undo and it worked fine. But now it never works unless I go to the main decks screen and hit “u” and it undoes the last action (i.e. the last review). I can still get the job done in reviewer by clicking on edit > undo answer card, but I just miss the convenience of the shortcut. My wife has been having the exact same issue with the shortcut since updating too. Strangely, when I clicked on undo, the shift + command + Z shortcut worked in reviewer to redo the action. So it’s strictly with the undo keyboard shortcut

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