Undo Removed from Question Editor Anki Desktop 2.1.66 for Windows

I’ve been using Anki for some years now. I have always been able to undo my edits in both the question and answer editor fields with Control + Z. With version 2.1.66 on Windows I have lost that ability to undo with Control + Z in the question field. I can still undo in the answer however.

Is it possible to add the undo ability to the question editor? Or is there some other undo method that maybe I am not aware of?


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You mean, when adding or editing a card, if you type some text into one of the input fields (Anki fields), then you can’t undo that with Ctrl-Z? And that only happens in one specific field, not in the others?

What note type are you using? Does it happen in other note types as well (try one of the standard ones like Basic)? Do you use any add-ons?

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Thanks for the quick reply. I won’t have access to the laptop where Anki is installed for a few days and I will reply then.

I can say that whatever the note type is is probably the default. All I do when I use Anki is install it and start creating cards without doing any customizations.

And yes I mean control-z in the question field when adding a new card. I haven’t tried to undo yet when editing an existing card. And yes control-z has the desired effect in the answer field.


I have to withdraw this. Today control-z is working in the question editor. I swear it never did before. Thanks for your quick reply.

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