Can't Change Answer Keys

How do I change the intervals above the answer keys?:

I assumed I would do it here, in Preferences:
Screenshot 2023-05-27 at 5.01.59 PM

But these settings don’t seem to have an effect, even if I close Preferences, close the app, and reopen the app. (Also these settings are not documented in the preferences.html document)


Not set here

The preferences settings change the shortcuts, not the intervals. You can change the intervals of new cards from the “Learning Steps” option in the deck options screen. I recommend reading this too to clear any confusions about how intervals work: Anki's not showing me all my cards! - Frequently Asked Questions


Got it…thanks very much!

The settings are incredibly confusing. (With decades working with software UI design, I’ve got to say I don’t think it has to be so confusing!)

In the box below, this is a flash card I’ve never seen below. As you can see, the delays are <1m <6m <10m and 12d:

Where are these set? Because that’s not what I have in the New Cards settings:

Please see Studying - Anki Manual

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