Interval Adjust Help: (again, hard, good, easy buttons)

running Version ⁨2.1.49 (dc80804a) on PC⁩ - trying to adjust the time frame for the buttons at the bottom when selecting the difficulty of a card.

I’m using a card deck sent to me by a friend - some cards show the default (<10 min, <15m, 1d, 2d) , (again, hard, good, easy) respectively.

then some cards are just randomly (<10 min, 2d, 20d, 1.6 mo). - it’s only these two interval examples as mentioned. either or, but only these two.

How can I change the timing to stay consistent on the cards? I’ve tried forums, the anki website, other posts here etc. Whenever I alter the learning steps, easy interval, graduating interval, it seems to have no effect on the card button choices. included some pictures to help in case i’m using the wrong terminology.


Sounds like your friend included their scheduling in the deck they shared with you. Resetting progress in a deck - Frequently Asked Questions

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when you say “browser”, is that within the anki app or in the web browser version? and the instructions just say “select cards” and then click “cards” - where is that located? I’m sorry, I’m pretty new to anki and figuring out how to navigate it. thank you

The Browse button appears at the top of the deck list in the main screen.


‘Cards’ is on the menubar at the top of the Browse screen.