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Hi. Today I noticed that since an upgrade a month ago, the Card Info only shows intervals rounded to days. Previously, the intraday values ​​were displayed here as decimal places. Since then, minutes and hours are displayed as 1 day. Is there a setting that allows me to select the old display?

I assume you’re referring to interval at the top, and not the review log down the bottom? That represents the review interval, not the latest learning step. Some context is available here: Interval info of relearning card may not be right

I’m referring to the review logs at the bottom. In fact, the learning steps are also recorded here.

The attached screenshot shows the change in display to rounded days from December 23rd. I tested further than December 27th. The intervals seem to be correct. Only the intervals are now rounded to days. The same curve is on the Good button. Months appear to be rounded to the first decimal place.

The update to Anki 23.10 took place on December 12th.

An add-on that shows me data about learning steps in the desktop version still seems to give the correct values ​​without rounding.

Ah, I see. This is not a change in the card info screen, but because you’ve upgraded to the v3 scheduler. If you have a 4 hour learning step and it’s 1AM, the delay will push the card into the next day. In such cases, the v3 scheduler will show 1d on the answer button, since for practical purposes you will not see it until after you’ve slept. The delay is logged as such in the review history as well, which the card info screen shows.

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