Anki needs a more modern version for Macbook

Hey everyone. I use Ani on my Macbook (OS 11.6.2). It looks kind of old and add-ons don’t work. Is there a version designed for Macbook? Maybe I just haven 't found the right app. Thank you.

I like the way Anki looks, a simple but functional interface helps to focus on studying, which is what the program is for. A more colourfull UI, and other bells & whistles will be distracting to me.

However, you can customize your cards the way you want.

Add-ons often don’t work on recent version, because they take time to update (or never will be).

Just what’s on

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I The app I installed was downloaded from this page you sent me :slight_smile: . But I still wish I could use on my Mac the tools I added on the app I installed on my Windows PC. Are the add-ons meat to not work on Macbooks?

And a question on how to use Anki: I know it is already designed to present me the flashcards exactly when I need to study it again. And that if I try to change the settings I might mess the science behind the app. ANYWAY, I guess I have hundreds of flashcards (maybe thousands) I created. I realized the other day that the more cards I add, the bigger the interval Anki takes to present it again (for example: when I set as 1000 the limit of cards to review each day [which I will never be able to accomplish], Anki tells me I will see the cards I did study in one month or more). But if I set the limit as 200 (a feasible one to me), when I study a deck containing 100 cards and another one containing 100 more cards, as I get closer to the 200 limit I set, Anki decreases the cards to see in other decks (the cards “disappear”). Then, in order to make the cards not disapear, I set the limit to a number I can’t accomplish.

What I want is: I want to be able to add as many cards I want in the decks, and to be allowed to review as many cards I can. Some days I have time enough to study 200 new cards and review 200. But some days I have time to study 500 new cards and review 300. It’s just an estimation. Let’s say I set the daily limit as 200 (the default). I don’t want to see a deck of 200 cards decrease the number of cards to review as I get closer to completing the first deck. (where do they go when they fisappear? - when will Anki show them again?). THANK YOU.

First of all, one of the best articles to read when you’re starting with the program is, IMO, this one. I highly recommend to take a look, it helps to clarify some of your questions, including why studying 200 new cards a day and reviewing 200 cards a day is not a good idea from the SRS perspective: in a week you have would more than one thousand cards to review, but since you have a review limit of 200…you would forget almost everything you have learned!

On the other hand, add-ons should work also on Macm but,as Rumo said, some add-ons don’t work with recent versions because they need to be updated.

Also: the settings are there to be used, there’s nothing wrong with tweaking the settings to suit the nature of your material or your style of learning, but if you want to modify them, you should know what are they for, otherwise it’s often a better idea just to keep using the default settings until you get more familiarity with how the program works.

Finally, the interval has nothing to do with the card limits. Maybe this graphic can help you to clarify some basic concepts, but once again I recommend you to carefully read the manual, in particular, this section.