Why is this card shown today?

Is something wrong with the scheduler?

Today is 2020.11.21, this card should be shown in 2020.11.28,but it is shown today I’m very confused. And this kind of situation often happens recently.

and deck options is:

I’m just a user and the details behind the scheduler are complicated.

Do you use the new v2 beta/experimental scheduler?

If not, maybe this: https://www.reddit.com/r/Anki/comments/jo4aqj/scheduling_bug_many_of_my_cards_are_showing_up/ This links to a github issue that says “The V1 scheduler updates the new review interval when the card is first failed, not on the last step.”

So on 20/11/11 a minimum interval of 10 days was set so the card was due on 20/11/21?


I don’t use v2 scheduler. It should be for this reason, thank you very much!