When closing Anki, a residual process appears, preventing Anki from starting again

I reported this strange issue in the 24.04 beta/RC thread and eventually concluded that it was caused by an add-on, but now I find that it is not.

This issue occurs in all versions of 24.04, including 24.04 RC, 24.04, 24.04.1RC1, and 24.04.2beta1, but did not appear in previous versions.

This bug occurs when “Sync on opening/closing” is enabled. Disabling all add-ons temporarily solves the issue, and then enabling add-ons one by one will identify the add-on causing the problem, but this add-on is random. The issue will reappear if you click “Check Database,” and at that point, it can only be resolved by reinstalling the software.

Also experienced this on linux (arch). I have no add-ons installed.

Please let us know if it’s not fixed in the next 24.04.2 beta, when it comes out.

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