Anki won't open with no error message or loading

Anki 24.04.1 qt6

Had this issue suddenly for quite some time (after an update most likely), but couldn’t report it since I had no idea how to reproduce, but now I finally do

When I close Anki without manually syncing changes beforehand, it will stay open as a background process and won’t open again unless I close it from the task manager first. When I try to open it, another Anki process appears in the task manager for a second then disappears, no error message or loading appears

I noticed when I leave Anki open for a couple minutes beforehand I won’t get this error when I try to reproduce it

Video reproducing the bug:

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Open Anki
  • Use check database tool (or any possible change that would require a sync)
  • Close Anki without clicking the sync button

It will attempt to sync automatically before closing, but in fact it will stay open in the background afterwards


  • Searched on Anki forums and Reddit
  • Restarted PC
  • Opened Anki while holding shift
  • Disabled all addons manually
  • Reinstalled latest version Anki 24.04.1 qt6 (without deleting data)
  • Changed video drivers in preferences
  • Tried this solution (tho the error is somewhat different since it had loading and it didn’t have to do with syncing or background processes): Windows update broke Anki - #75 by helloeveryone

Reddit post where I ask people to try to reproduce it:

Can you reproduce it with the beta version posted in the beta testing section of this forum?

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Hey, I installed version ⁨24.04.2 (beta1) qt6, I reproduced the bug just like in the stable version

Thanks. @abdo, does this happen for you too?

I suppose this was fixed in Ignore errors in do_window_cleanup to fix shutdown issue by abdnh · Pull Request #3142 · ankitects/anki · GitHub but no new beta was released since then.