Weird white box and missing images

Hi guys, I’m new with anki and this is letting me hopeless
The front of the cards are appearing with this weird White box and the image that are supposed to show up on the back are missing. Even though they appear in the editing section.

It might be something relating to your card template. At the top left corner there’s an option called “Cartões”, can you select that and send a screenshot of “Verso”?

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Whats even weirder is that in the anki web, the cards are normal
But here’s the screenshot

You’re using a notetype that is designed for typing in the answer. In that notetype, Anki will expect a text input to do a comparison, that’s why your images won’t load up.

If you don’t want to do a comparison between words or phrases you can change your notetype while adding cards:



Thaaaaaannk you very much, you’ve really saved my “anki career” :smile:

De nada :grinning:.