Anki cards not showing

I’ve used Anki since 2012. Recently, the cards I’ve added in the last few months do not show images. In the past, I would copy and paste images from the net directly onto my cards. Older ones show up, newer ones do not. This even apply to cards without images. Any feedback would be appreciated.

You have accidentally modified your card template. If you tap on the gear/cog in your screenshot, then scroll down to Card Template, you can replace “The sparks really flew in the debate.” with “{{Front}}” to show the content of that field.

You also have a number of notes that have a picture in the Back field but nothing in the Front field, which will cause that message to be displayed. You’ll either need to add some text to the Front field, or modify your card template, swapping Front for Back and vice versa, if you wish to see the image by itself.