Back card image not showing?

I have a different image on the front and back of the card but when I test it it only shows the front image. I guess I could survive without the back image but I spent a lot of time making these images and the quality of memorizing the information would be a lot better with a visual aid on the back image

Have you added the field for the back image to your card template(s)? Field Replacements - Anki Manual

No idea how to even begin doing that. I can open field types but I just see basic and I dont know how to change the field types to have images

Fundamentally, Anki takes your grouping of information (a Note) and follows your set of instructions (Card Templates) to create the Cards you want. You need to change those instructions to get that image to show. There a few steps to this, so you’ll want to undestand the terms.

  1. Learn about Notes & Fields, and Card Types (Templates) – Getting Started - Anki Manual .
  2. Make a place (a Field) on your Note where you can add the image (by editing the Note Type) – Adding/Editing - Anki Manual . [This will affect all Notes using that Note Type, so you might want to Clone it first, to control the impact of these changes – Adding/Editing - Anki Manual .]
  3. Add that Field to a Card Template so it will display on a Card – Card Templates - Anki ManualField Replacements - Anki Manual .

You’ll find very clear instructions, examples, and even a few videos in the manual.

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