Images do not appear on the back of the card

I’ve tried it all ways. I dragged it from my desktop to Anki. I already hosted the images on an image hosting site and copied and pasted the link address… Everything works perfectly, the image appears for me in the edit field. But when it comes to showing the card’s answer, the images don’t appear at all. I click “Edit” and the image is there perfectly… I don’t know what it could be, I’m very stressed.
I am using Windows 7, Anki version is version 2.1.49

I think it is because you are storing the images in a type field (e.g. {{type:FieldName}}): when a type field is displayed in the reviewer, medias are omitted.

I suggest adding another field and using it just for images.

  1. Click on Fields (Campos) and then ‘add’ to create the new field.
  2. Click on Cards (Cartões) → go to the back template and add the field in curly brackets e.g. {{FieldName}} to the bottom of the template.

There are different definition between different fields in a note/card

Hey dude. Thank you, you saved my studies. :face_holding_back_tears:

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