Pictures not showing up in preview or on backside

Hello there, I used simple cards(one direction) and the preview is empty aside from the front side(even when checking backside) and when learning the cards dont get shown either. I am using Windows, freshly reinstalled Anki as well and did restart my computer in between. Is there anything I can do or that I have overlooked? Thanks for the help.

Do you use any add-ons? More info.

No. I just installed the normal program and didn’t change anything. I also tried starting while pressing shift to disable any if i had them for whatever reason. Didn’t help sadly.

How did you add the pictures to the notes? You must drag them on the Editor, or use copy-paste.

I tried two ways 1. Making it a png file and then inputting it over the button.
2. Using the tool greenshot( works like snipping tool) to copy it and then ctrl+v to insert it. It does show up when i check the card by the way. Just not in preview or learning mode.

Which button? :smiley:
As far as I know, there is no such thing like an “Add media”-button in the editor.

Regardless, perhaps the problem stems from an accidental change in your Basic note template. You could try adding a new Basic note type (“Manage Note Types” → “Add”) and changing your notes to that new note type, which will have the default setup.

If that works, you can change all your notes to that new note type and delete the corrupted one.

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Feliza is probably referring to the paperclip button.

@Feliza, please ensure the field containing the image is on the front or back of your card template. Getting Started - Anki Manual

Thanks! Seems my brain just masked that one out from years of not using it.

Changing the Note Type solved it. No idea why or how but its working now so I can finally insert the other pictures and then study my cards :smiley: Thanks a lot for helping me out here

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