I can´t see pictures on my cards


i payed 30€ for this shit app and i doesn´t even work properly. I inserted pictures on the backsite of the cards as a awser and now as I wanted to start learning the shit app doens´t even show me the pictures when i click on “show anwser”

If you added the cards on your computer, please wait for the media to sync. https://faqs.ankiweb.net/media-files-may-take-time-to-sync.html

If you would like to pursue a refund, please see https://faqs.ankiweb.net/requesting-a-refund-for-ankimobile.html

I´ve added the card 2 days ago so this shouldn´t be a problem. I copyed the Pictures from Powerpoint slides and paste them inside the backside panel from anki. Isnßt this the way how you do it? Because I can see the Picture if i click on “edit” but not if i click on “show awnser”. And no i don´t wan´t a refund, i wan´t the app to work properly.

That is how it looks in my card management tab

I understand you’re frustrated, but please keep your language family friendly.

What do you see when you review the card? Do you see a broken image icon, or do you see no image at all? If you see no image at all, please click on Cards… in the editing screen, and make sure {{Ruckseite}} with the accent is included on your back template.

Yes I don´t see a image at all.

This is what it looks like, is that correct or do I need to change something?

If I delte the “type:” before “Rückseite” the picture is showing up. But the problem there is that the picture is showing up even if i didn´t click on “show answer”.

The {{type:...}} label provides a text field on the front where you can type in the answer. That should explain why it doesn’t work with images and why it’s seemingly placing the answer on the front of the flashcard.

In your case, you can just use the default set-up:




<hr id=answer>

thank you really much, it worked.

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Thank you Rumo, your answer really helped me out. In addition to that changing the default setup rises a problem for me. Besides learning slides out of a lecture, I also want to learn vocabulary. When I change the default setup, it changes the mechanism for all for all card stacks. That means typed in answers will not be shown or compared, what makes the vocubalary learning way worse. Is there an option to change the setting for specific stacks only? Thanks in advance.

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Nevermind, I worked it out: I changed the card type for that specific task.