Imagem não aparece para mim nos cards de revisão

Meu ANKI não está aparecendo as imagens que coloquei nos cards. Quando crio os cards ele aparece para mim, mas quando eu reviso esses cards com imagem não aparece para mim.

  1. Did you create these cards on the same device where you are looking at them now? (If not, it might be a sync issue.)
  2. Is adding images to your cards/notes (of this type) a new thing you’ve just started doing? (If so, it might be a template issue.)
  3. In which views can you see the image and not see the image – In the Browse window note editor? In the Browse window “Preview”? In the main window when you’re studying?

If you can see them when editing, you’ve either put them in a type-in-the-answer field, or you’ve put them in a separate field, which you haven’t included in your card template.

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E como posso incluir essas imagens no campo certo? Digo, quando estou estudando/revisando não consigo ver as imagens. Porém, quando eu edito esses cards com as imagens consigo visualizar a imagem certinho.

You can add things to your note in the editor, but if you don’t tell the card templates to display them, they won’t show up on your cards.

If you added a new field on your note to hold this image, you also need to add it in a Field Replacement to the front or back template of your card.

[There is also a Português Brasileiro version of the manual (my translator isn’t telling me whether you are writing in pt-pt or pt-br), but unfortunately it doesn’t look like the translation has been fully completed. :frowning_face: ]