Can't see pictures in Anki


I have used Anki A LOT, but when I added some cards yesterday, I found out that something was wrong. When i edit a card it looks normal, but when I am studying the card, it looks weird. The font is not normal and I can’t see pictures. Can someone please help me asap?

You can also check if you accidentally switched or altered your note type.

Select your deck on the browser sidebar and right click on the top bar (where it says Card, Created and Note on my screenshot) to enable the Note column, if you haven’t already:

Make sure it says Basic on every note of your deck. If not, you can change their note type:

  1. Hit Ctrl/Cmd+A to select all notes of your deck
  2. Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+M (or right click a card → Change Note Type)
  3. Map the fields
  4. Click OK

If it is already set to Basic, but still looks weird, perhaps your note type’s card template is altered.

You can create a new Basic note type (Manage Note TypesAddBasic)


and change all your notes to that newly added Basic note type (should have a funky name like Basic-f26f9).

To do that, select Basic on the sidebar and repeat the steps I described above, except you’re now changing the notes to your newly added note type:


Then you can delete the old Basic note type and rename your new one to just “Basic”.