How can I filter for basic cards?

Hello, I want to change the card type of my basic cards in my deck to basic and reverse cards. I don’t know how to find them.


I havn’t found a way to filter for them either.

Can someone help me? Cheers

If these are all the note types that show up, it means you either deleted or renamed the basic card template - no big deal.

The “Basic-#####” thing happens when you import a deck from somewhere that uses the same note type name “Basic”, so Anki distinguishes them using the alphanumeric sequence.

To check which note type you’ve actually been using and change it, it’s easiest to:

  1. Go to your deck and look for the “Note” column, which should have the name of the Note Type.
  2. If you only have one deck you want to change to basic and reverse cards skip step 3
  3. Select the Note Type from the Navigation pane (your screenshot)
  4. Ctrl + A followed by Ctrl Shift + M to change the note type
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I have three decks but I want all my cards to be basic and reverse type. I found the filter for basic cards yersterday and realized I had cards in there, which I didn’t know. Must have made them basic instead by accident, when I added them.

Today however it didn’t show up. I deleted some note types that I thought were only relating to old decks that I no longer study and have deleted a while ago, but I don’t think I deleted anything called basic.

However I imported this deck as a backup a while ago, after I accidentally deleted it. So that might have caused this.

Couldn’t I just create a new note type basic and then the cards would appear in there?

Because I don’t find this.

see it’s empty, but I saw there were about 60 basic cards yersterday when I still saw the note type


just added a note type basic, and it’s empty but said that it contained a myriad of cards when I created it…

However, I can find them when I put note:basic in the search bar

can I change the note type from there?

I admit I don’t understand what the problem was, in that case.


Yes. When you’ve typed ‘note:basic’ in the search bar, click one of the cards and do the following:

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nah I didn’t know what I had to type into the search bar and I didn’t know the command.

Now it all works, as it should

thank you for your help, cheers

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