Help with basic card please

Dear all,

Thanks in advance for help.

I’ve messed up. All i want is to use simple basic card structure for ANKI. Question on front, answer on back - with the question still showing on the front side.

I have accidentally made some changes as the answer wasn’t showing for some cards and now things are messed up.

Please help ASAP.

Try going to the Back template and add {{Front}} before <hr id=answer> and {{Back}} after it

Another thing, just to make sure of one thing: would you check if there also is Card type number 1 and post a screenshot of its Front and Back templates?
(to open Card 1, click on the bar next to ‘Card type’ and select Card 1)

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Thank you kindly. Most cards working perfectly now.

Although this is a problem I’m still facing. I change back to card type 1, click save, but it appears no changes are made?

The screenshot depicts Card 3 though, not Card 1

Are these notes from a deck you downloaded from the web? If so, would you please post a link?

No I have made all of the cards myself.

I click card 1, press save and when I exit out of those settings, it still shows that duplicated card

It has now worked for me, I deleted the {{front}} and the rest after the “>” and it seems to have deleted it for good now.

Thanks again


Just one last thing. As of now, your notetype has 3 card types: Card 1, Card 2 and Card 3. Card 2 and Card 3 are basically just duplicate copies of Card 1. This is why the changes didn’t seem to save (e.g. you modified Card type 2, but then previewed Card type 1).

If you keep things as they are, it will most likely result in further confusion and many more reviews than necessary.

I suggest doing this:

  • go to the Browser and search: note:Basic-194df
  • select all the cards
  • go to the top toolbar and click on the Notes button
  • click on Change Note Type
  • select Basic (optional reversed card)
  • check that all the fields are mapped correctly Front → Front, Back → Back, Reverse → Reverse (instead of Reverse, it might be called Add Reverse)
  • save

It is a good idea to create a backup before doing this, just in case Backups - Anki Manual


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