Bug : "back" go to "front" and conversely

For some time on ankidroid, the new cards that I add in the front part go “back” and vice versa.
I realize this when I start revising with the package.
It’s quite annoying because I have to put in “back” what should be in “front” to have it in “front”.
How can I solve this problem?
thanks in advance
Have a good day

Are you using the “Basic” notetype? If so and the problem still happens, you can modify your template to make sure it looks something like this:

Front Template:


Back Template


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You can access the card template in AnkiDroid by clicking on “Card 1” at the bottom of the note editor. See AnkiDroid 2.15 User Manual

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Hello Abdo,

There is a problem, even when I save by putting the correct information ({{FrontSide}}

{{Back}} ) on each card affected by this problem (the “back” which goes to "front " and vice versa), after saving the problem comes back as if I had not saved…
Maybe I missed something?

You have an additional card type, “Card 2”. You can remove it by clicking on Options > Remove Card Type.

Then modify the first card type, “Card 1”, to look like I posted above.

Thank you, but I won’t risk deleting my 256 cards at the same time? because I don’t want to lose the content…

You will only lose the review information of these cards (If you happened to review any cards of the “Card 2” type). The note contents will not be lost.

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