Front of card displayed twice when reviewing

The Front field displays twice in Anki Mobile when I am reviewing. It does this for all card types, but does not do it when I view the back of the card. Is there a way to get it to only show the question once?

Hey Dylan!
It looks like your Cloze note template is a bit messed up.

On Anki Desktop, please press the “Cards…” button in the note editor to get to the note’s template and check if the content of the front side looks like this:


It seems to me like your template contains this bit twice. In that case, you can simply delete one of them.

You could also do this on AnkiDroid, but that is a bit more cumersome usually. While reviewing, press the three-dot-menu, then "edit note" and there you would scroll down to the cards and press on the first card. Then, you'd have to check its front content like described above.
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So on the card template it doesnt have that listed twice. If it makes a difference, it does not duplicate like this on the desktop app, only on AnkiDroid.

But even on ankidroid, when I pull up the card template it only lists the {{text}} field once on the front.

Sounds like the desktop app does the right thing and Ankidroid does not.

Correct. Desktop works just fine. I’m also fairly familiar with card templates, and from what I can tell, there should be no reason for it to duplicate the front side like it is. The back side of the card does not duplicate.

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i am looking for this solution too( both side for me though). but i know why it does that for me. which is because i use text to speech and i speed it up( eg: {{tts en_US speed=1.5:Front}} )
. but android app cant read this code.

i dont wanna remove this portion of code every time i wanna study from the phone.
dont want to use the add on too. then i have edit all the card

let me know is there any solution for that

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Havent figured out a solution yet. I’ve just gotten used to the double text on AnkiDroid