Answer is appearing twice?

Hi Guys,

Every time i add a new card to Anki with type: Basic

It does this:

Adds the answer twice once grey and once normal.

Any idea what is going on?


Most probably you have the field reference duplicated in the card template. If you don’t know what I am refering to, share a screenshot of the window after clicking Cards… button.


Here is the template:

{{FrontSide}} is copying everthing in the front template, so you don’t need to add the {{Back}} again in the back template.


Awesome! It worked but it’s not normal see example:


You have typing enabled and I guess that is what you want. In Ankidroid you can override the typing in the settings or either delete the “typing” in the template. In case you are refering to the Q/A horitzontal line then update the template to the following:

Front template:


Back template:

<hr id=answer>
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