Results are shown twice / doubled

Hello, my Anki shows the answers to my questions twice. They appear doubled and it does not matter if the answer is written or a picture. Everything gets doubled but the questions are shown normally.
I use a 2017 MacBook Air with the latest software. If I google the issue I cannot find any answers. In my settings everything seems normal…
I have got this problem since I started using Anki.

Yours sincerely
Pascal Weiss

Would you post a screenshot of the Front and Back templates?
You can access them by clicking on the Cards… button:


Here you can see the frontside, where the question is shown once.

The answer is shown twice… but I did not filled the answer twice…
Is the image I sent enough or do you need another example?

another example

Thank you for the screenshots. I would need to see the Front and Back templates, to check if there is some code that causes part of the content to be shown twice.

For example:

Front template:

Back template:

Excuse me, I do not find the layout you sent me…

I think I found it.

Does this help?


Try deleting <div style='font-family: "Arial"; font-size: 20px;'>{{Rückseite}}</div> from the Back template.

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Thank you Sir!
This solved the problem!!

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