The front of my anki card doubled after using the empty card function

I used the empty card feature and now all of my cards appear to have duplicated their text on the front side. How do I fix this? Below is a picture:

I can’t think why the empty cards function would cause this, but anyway press E, and then press ‘Cards’ to open the template editor. See if you can fix it from there, and if you can’t post the template contents here so we can see the problem.



Here are pics of the template contents:


You can remove one of the {{cloze:Text}} lines to fix the duplication.


Thank you! Do you know if there is a way to do this for multiple cards at once? Or will I have to do it for each card?

When you modify a card template, it applies to every cards. It’s the converse that is not possible: you couldn’t do that for a single card!

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