Please help - Anki randomly replacing cards with other cards, creating duplicates

Hi all - this is my first time posting on AnkiForums and I would really appreciate anyone’s help in figuring out and resolving the cause of a problem that has been plaguing me for months and is now becoming intolerable.

Occasionally (maybe once every day or two), as I am going through my cloze deletion cards on the browser, a card that I am currently highlighting will suddenly and inexplicably become “transformed” into another existing card in the deck. Specifically, the “Text” will transform into the exact text of another card, but the “Extra” section will be preserved. Anki then detects both these cards as being Duplicates of one another since they have the same “Text”, even though they are supposed to be different cards! This is obviously a huge problem because each time this happens, it means that I essentially lose the original card (since it has now transformed into another existing card).

See photo attached for just one example. As I was on one card (left image), the “Text” all of a sudden transformed into the “Text” of another card (right image), causing both cards to become ‘duplicates’. However, you can see that these were originally different cards (different notes, even) by the fact that they have different “Extra” sections as well as different creation dates. As I mentioned before, the Extra section will be preserved whenever this glitch occurs.

I have tried everything to fix this problem, including all of the steps outlined in the “When Problems Occur” page (

Just to be sure, does this happen with all add-ons disabled?
Could you maybe make a short video demonstrating the issue?

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abdo, thank you for the quick reply. I looked into this further and it turns out I may be onto something - and it could possibly be an add-on after all.

The issue may be with the “Resize images in editor” add-on ( Here is the github thread where a user of this add-on describes (in a different way) the same problem as I am having (

This add-on has been a game-changer for me in resizing images both in the browser and in the Extra text when I am adding cards, and I use it extensively, but it appears that it contains a number of bugs including this one as well as problems with image distortions.

I will see if this ends up being the problem, and will return to this thread if removing the add-on doesn’t resolve the issue.


Any updates on this?

The original poster found it’s related to the “Resize images in editor” add-on. Did you rule it out (with other add-ons)?


Yeah, the “Resize images in editor” seems to be the culprit for me as well.