Unwanted duplications of back of my cards when making new cards

Hello friends,

My anki started duplicating the back of my card every new card I make. I figure I must have accidentally turned on some setting. I want when I add a card for the front & back to be blank, not for me to add it, but the back is still there for me to reuse. How can I turn this feature off? I’m not sure frankly how I turned it on.

Thank you.

Your question is a bit unclear. What do the front and back templates of your card look like?

If the front of the card is blank (because the entire contents are contained within <#some_field> and </some_field> and that field is blank), then the card will not be created. So it doesn’t matter if the back is not blank.

Is it possible that you made that a “sticky” field? Adding/Editing - Anki Manual
You can click the pin :pushpin: again to turn it off.

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Ok, let me try again.

I want to add a card. I click “add” and I have it on “basic”. The front & back are both blank. I put in words in both spots. I click “add”. The card is added. The template now has the front blank again, but the back still has the same information I put on that first card. Both the front & the back should be blank again. Why isn’t that happening? How can I get it back to that?

I hope that makes it more clear. Thank you!

Anything is possible. =) I for sure did something. I use a remove sometimes with it, and I’m wondering if my remote clicked on something and I didn’t realize it. Can you tell me how to check and undo it? I’m not very good with this stuff. I love anki, but I have a hard time doing anything more than the most basic things with it. I’m just grateful for Anking, so I don’t have to entirely make my own deck.

Thank you @Danika_Dakika. That was it: it was pinned!!

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