Both cards for two-card note now show "front" first - RESOLVED

I have a simple note design that produces two cards, one that shows you the “Front” field and then the “Back” and another card that shows you the “Back” field first.

This has worked fine for years, but somehow I’ve messed it up so that it still generates two cards, and they seem to be correct when I look at them in “Browse” mode, but during actual reviews the two cards for a given note will both show me the “Front” field first.

Two be very concrete, if I make a new note from this template, with the Front field = “F” and the Back field = “B”, then when I review that note, I see two cards, but both of them will start by showing me “F” and then “B”.

Here’s an image of the note template (first card):

And another of the second card for that template:

Admittedly I don’t really know what I’m doing here, but this all looks right to me and when I “preview” the cards they seem to work correctly, so I don’t understand why the actual reviews are not working as I expect.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Oh, and this is all taking place in the MacOS desktop version of Anki, version Version ⁨2.1.60.


Couldn’t replicate here, not sure why yours is displaying both front

make sure you Save on 2: back -> front

As an workaround, you could try adding these note type and changing note type

  • Basic (and reversed card)
    Like Basic, but creates two cards for the text you enter: one from front→back and one from back→front.
  • Basic (optional reversed card) This is a front→back card, and optionally a back→front card. To do this, it has a third field called “Add Reverse.” If you enter any text into that field, a reverse card will be created. More information about this is available in the Cards and Templates section.

Unrelated: new update just dropped

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Thanks very much for trying to replicate, and your suggestions. Unfortunately, " Save on 2: back -> front" didn’t make any difference and neither did changing note type to “Basic (and reversed card)” I still get what looks like a functional note that shows me the Front field first in both reviews. It feels like something is overriding the Note configuration, like a Deck option? I looked through them and didn’t see anything likely, but does that sound possible ? Anything else that could override Note behavior?

Thanks again!

One more bit of weirdness. I thought maybe it was something weird in my desktop Anki config, but I get the same behavior on AnkiWeb. That is, if I “forget” the two cards associated with one of these notes, then review them on AnkiWeb, I get the same “two cards but both start with Front” behavior …

Prob unrelated, but do you have any add-ons enabled? Can you try reviewing without add-ons enabled (2.check addons)

tried to forget the cards, but still was able to see back → front

OK, I have to apologize for wasting your time. I made a new deck (obvs with default options) and it worked as expected. So I looked more carefully at the deck options and I think I just confused myself by fiddling with them without really understanding them at some point. Basically I have the intervals set so that I see a new card twice on the first review, and I also have “Bury siblings” set so that I won’t see a new sibling card until the next review. So of course I would have seen the “correct” version of the “back-first” card if I waited until the next review. The new deck I made had “Bury siblings” off, so it worked more as I expected.

Anyway, I’m good now. Thanks very much for your help, and sorry again!


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