Anki creating two cards of each card

Hello !
So I tried creating some flashcards but recently every card has started showing up as two cards. One is the true card, the other has the front and the back be the same thing. I never had any of those cards show up in my training but it does count when calculating the total amount of cards.

My card template is Card 1, Card 2 with them beeing respectifly {{Front}} and {{Back}}

Thank you

This happens because your “note” has two card types! Each note you add generates a card for “Card 1” and “Card 2.” Delete the “Card 2” template and you’ll only have one card generated per note.

Take a backup first!


Okay but now I don’t have bolth sides of the card. I want to be able to study the card from either side

Then keep Card 2. Just swap Back and Front like this:

Front template:


Back template:

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Thank you so much, it works now !!

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