Unable to create two (duplicate) cards when converting from Basic to Basic (and reverse card)

Hi there,

I’m still getting to know Anki, so any help is greatly appreciated!

I created some cards, manually adding the front and the back (two separate ones), and only later discovered I could create cards with automatic reverse.

Now, when I try to convert a Basic card to a Basic (and reverse), it only creates Card 1 (or Card 2), but not two copies, and I wondered if there was a way to do that?

It seems logical, but Anki does not allow me to use ‘Japanese’ (the Basic template) twice for Card 1 and Card 2, which would be a start…?

It might not be worth the trouble of trying to go down that route, and just rewriting the cards using the new templates might be easier, but I’m curious if there is an elegant solution to this?

Any tips welcome, thanks in advance!

After you have changed the note type of the entry, update the browser. For example, switch the display to note and back to cards.


@Keks, whoa, so silly of me not to have spotted this! Brilliant, that works fine, thanks!

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