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Card 1 Card 2 Please help :(

Hi, so I’ve come across the problem where when I make a card they count as two cards ‘card 1 and card 2’ now I’ve seen some forums saying that I can delete one card type so basically reduces my number of cards by half.

But I have 2 questions, why do I have 2 cards to start with? if I delete one card type what happens what effect will it have??

Also, how can I stop it from creating 2 cards every time because I don’t want to have to delete the card type every time?

Thank you!

Anki is very flexible and powerful, it is really worth spending some time to read the FAQ and manual if you want to make the most of the program.


A “note” is one Flashcard. But 1 note can be many “cards”. For example: back to front and front to back. Or if you’re using cloze cards, you can have c1, c2, c3, etc