Basic Note Type - NOT Basic (and reversed card) - Creating Two Cards When Just a Few Days Ago It Didn't?


Using the Basic Note Type is generating TWO cards. I can’t understand why. Please take a look at the image:

Using the exact same note type just days ago I entered about 40 cards. I see for each card just Card 1, Card 1, Card 1 with the occasional Cloze for the few Clozes that I needed. But, each time it’s just a SINGLE card. One card for one note.

Suddenly, now, each time I select the Basic note type…the system is creating TWO cards each time.

What do you think is happening?


Klip Turango

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Hi @dae ,

Ah! I feel confused. In the documentation it says:

“If you have modified the Basic card template to add an unwanted reverse direction, you can modify it back instead:”

As far as I know, I didn’t do that. BUT! Fair enough - it’s happening, so I guess that’s the case.

But, here’s where things get confusing. Right after that it says:

Edit a card
Click the ‘Cards’ button
You will see one or more tabs at the top representing each card type that will be created. Locate the card type you don’t want, click the Options button, and remove the unwanted card template.

Yet, there’s no “one or more tabs”?

And, it says “will be created”, but…the directions are about modifying the template back to a state where it didn’t create cards?

What are they trying to say the directions are here?



Tabs is not the right word, it’s dropdown menu items. Select Options on the top right and “Remove Card Type”.


Hi @kleinerpirat ,

Ah! That DID it. So, seems like what we did there was…

  • Selected a Note using that offending Card Type
  • Activate the Template Editor
  • Choose the side
  • Deleted that side from one card, which deleted the side from any other cards also created from that Card Type

Do I have that right?

Finally, how did this ever happen? I recall that I made ONE small edit to the Basic Card template, but then I undid the edit.

Now, looking in my ?Note Types? I see that I have a Note Type called



So, two questions, please.

How did I ever get the system to start generating two-sided notes when I always only selected Basic?

And, how / what caused a Note Type called


to get created?




WHat would cause that?

The id after Basic- is appended by Anki to newly added notetypes when a notetype with the same name already exists in the collection, because there mustn’t be two notetypes with the same name.

As to what caused the creation of a new Basic notetype after you’ve undone your template edit, I don’t know. We’ll have to find a way to reproduce the issue before it can be fixed.

If you did not make the change yourself, it’s possible you imported such a notetype from a shared deck.