1 card counted as two cards

I was just wondering if it’s normal that Anki counts one flashcard that I created, as two cards?
Let me explain myself.
I’ve just created some flashcards but I quickly realized that Anki counts Twice the same card. Like when I go through my deck it’s like that :
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As you can see, these are one card that I created but it’s feels like every time I add one card, Anki adds another one, and it tells me that I’ve created over a 40 cards when I know I have only created 20.
I don’t know if it’s clear. Let me know if you don’t understand my problem

When you create your notes, you apparently use a note type with two card templates, so two cards are generated for every new note.
Please read about the difference between cards and notes in the manual’s section about key concepts.

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I’ve just checked my notes and it’s written “card1” and card 2 I juste found out that I was in “basique”=basic, isn’t that the note that shows only one card?

If not, in what mode should I change it?

Yes, Basic should have just one card template. Maybe you or an import changed it.
If you are sure you want all notes with that type to have just one card, you can simply delete the second template. Otherwise, you can create a new note type and make the relevant notes to use it.

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It’s written “transform card 2(which means template I guess? I’m not a native speaker sorry) in nothing” so if I do that it will delete the duplicated card?

I’m so sorry to bother you but it has really stressed me out ! Thank you for taking the time with me!

Templates are like the blueprints for generating cards from notes. It can be tough to differentiate between the two terms and it’s not always necessary.
In this case, you are right that the second card will be deleted. You could say that the second template will be deleted and therefore the card that was built from it will disappear. The deletion of the card includes all of its reviews!
You should make a backup before you delete anything. If anything goes wrong, you can simply restore your collection from before the modification then.

Okay thank you ! so much I’m scared of doing that way so I might consider deleting each duplicated card one by one haha! thank you!!!

But do you know by any chance how I can change this for the later cards that I will add? so that I won’t have this problem again

You can only delete cards by changing the note type or deleting a template of the current note type. The delete option in the browser will delete the whole note (and all cards of it).
For future cards, just make sure to have the correct note type selected when adding them (i.e. a note type with only one template in your case).
You can’t do any actual harm as long as you have a backup, so don’t stress out. :slight_smile:
Happy to help you.


Amazing ! Thank you so much!

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