Anki creates extra cards

I am unsure what’s causing it, but sometimes I notice that a note has too many cards associated with it. As an example I have a note that has 5 card types. I would expect that adding a new entry would result in 5 cards for that note. However, for some reason I am noticing many more cards than should be there. In my case the browser shows 80 cards for a single note that has 5 card types.

My template looks like this for one of the card types

I only use this note for my decks and all other cards always have 5 cards for one note as can be seen here

I’m unsure what causes Anki to suddenly create many copies of the cards. It is a problem because even thought the cards are identical, they are treated separately and I cannot remove them since they aren’t notes, forcing me to suspend all duplicates except the single copy that is in progress of learning.

You can see in this screenshot that 80 cards are found all belonging to the same note.

As there are multiple cards, that use template “Card 1” it could be, that they are duplicated notes - not from one note but multiple notes with the same content.
Do the same search, but click on a blue “Cards” switch next to the search box. It should change to a green “Notes” switch. Do you see one note or multiple?

I tried the built-in duplicate search and also tried what you recommend and it shows that all 80 cards for some reason belong to the single note

Also, I can’t take a screenshot but have confirmed that there is only 5 card types for this note, which also fits when I look at other cards belonging to the same note. They all have 5 cards.

You can see that all other notes have only 5 cards, where as the “Eltnum Defense” has 80 here

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Ok, this looks weird. I haven’t encountered such a situation before.

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I don’t know if I can help either, but I’m wondering –

  • Is this the only note this has happened on?
  • Do you have any add-ons that could be impacting card creation?
  • Have you run Check Database?

Could you share the Back Template and Styling from the first picture?

I have many cards that share the same note type, but this one particular question is the only one that has it, although I believe it happened earlier and I just ignored, deleted it and re-created it as it wasn’t a loss at that point.

I use the “Search Stats Extended”, and wouldn’t expect it interfering with card creation

I never did this and just tried it with the following result

I can how happily verify that this is what fixed the problem as you can see, the problematic cards now show only 5.

I’m not sure what exactly triggered it, which might be useful for the devs, but at least now we have a solution in case others come across the same problem.

Thank you

Even though I since resolved the problem, the cause is still unknown so I will post the template and styling for possible reference

Here is the back template

And here is the styling

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