My Anki keeps creating duplicate cards, how can i turn this off?

Dear Community,

I´m writting you because i got a trouble with anki and i cant still find a solution…

Lets talk about the Trouble:

When i create a card on anki, i always get a duplicate of this card. The difference between the duplicate and the originally card is, that the display of answer and question are mixed up. My actual answer is shown in the question and vice versa.

The result is, that i have twice as many cards in my deck as i need.

If i want to delete the duplicate, the original is also automatically deleted.

Does anyone have maybe a solution?

best wishes and thanks for helping me!:slight_smile:


This behavior seems to be due to the fact that your note type produces two cards, one prompting for the question, and waiting for the answer, and the other doing the converse operation. You can change the note type of the note to something like Basic instead of Basic (and reversed card). See the relevant manual entry about the predefined note types.
Reading the manual about notes, note types, cards and templates might help you understand your issue more in details.


Thanks for your answer! in which topic of anki can i change the Note Type?

Take a look at anki’s manual (relevant section linked). It’s all written in there!

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