Tens of duplicates made for new cards and deleting deletes all new cards

When I add a card and I go to browse, Anki produces tens of duplicates with the same New#___. So when I try to delete them, all of the new cards (even the one I want to keep) are deleted. The only way around this that I’ve found is suspending them but it makes it hard to navigate my decks. Has Anyone had anything similar or know how to fix it?

First, get familiar with the difference between cards and notes. Getting Started - Anki Manual

What you’re adding is a note – then Anki follows that note type’s instructions to create that many cards, all with the same New #. What you’re deleting is also a note, which deletes all of its cards.

(If your note type is only set up to create one card, there is one rare glitch that I’ve seen – but that didn’t necessarily seem to be what you were describing.)

The solution is to use a note type that creates the number and style of cards you actually want.

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