Duplicate cards on purpose

I am creating a few cards that are identical except for some minor points. Is there a way to create duplicates on purpose which I would then edit and correct? Or, is there a way I can work on adding multiple cards at the same time rather than one by one? Many thanks!

Anki doesn’t prevent you from creating duplicates, so if you’re creating the cards manually and see the duplicate warning, you can just ignore it.

Maybe this add-on provides that: Opening the same window multiple time - AnkiWeb

What you probably one is a single note type that will generate multiple cards, each with minor modifications.

If you’re running a recent Anki version (2.1.50+), there’s an option in the Note menu of the Browser that allows you to create a copy from the currently selected note (Ctrl+Alt+E). It opens a prefilled Add screen, so you can make changes and add it as a new note.

Thanks to all who have offered help. I guess what I would like to do is to select multiple cards at one time (10 of them) and duplicate them. Then make my changes.